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High School, Foundation, Undergraduate and Graduate Programs

Explore our Learning Opportunities

Choose an institution that allows you to pursue your choice of subject, fits witin your budget and doesn't compromise on quality. We have a solid selection of world-class instititions for high school, undergraduate and graduate students. Get in touch!

High School

Studying your high school abroad has several unique advantages. You'll have a better opportunity to qualify for competitive degree choices and you'll also receive all the necessary academic support. Some of our high schools in the UK, Canada, and USA have strong ties to medical schools and top-ranked universities - others are linked to high performance football and sports academies for the talented student athletes. 

Diversity Students
Teacher Helping Student

Foundation Programs

Foundation programs are the perfect pathway for students that do not meet direct entry into university or a specific course of study. These university preparation programs are designed to prepare students for success at university. Upon the successful completion of a foundation program, students qualify to join Year One or Year Two of their degree choice. Foundation programs also give students a better shot at competitive degrees and career paths.  

Undergraduate Degrees

Most undergraduate degrees will take you 3 to 5 years to complete depending on your course and destination country. This study options is suitable for qualified high school leavers or students that have successfully completed a foundation program. Whether you are considering a Medical degree, Psychology course or a Business related career, we have a plethora of degrees to offer, some of which include a year of experience in industry. 

Laboratory Scientist

Thinking Business or Entrepreneurship

BBA, MBA, Innovation, Economics, Accounting, Marketing, Mgt, HR

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Graduate Study

Our graduate degree options need no introduction. We have access to some of the top ranked graduate schools offering a world-class education. Most masters courses last 2 years, although the UK is popular for its 1-year master degrees. Ordinarily, you need a good bachelors degree (2:1) to join a graduate program. Most degree holders and working professionals consider a masters degree for career and professional advancement. Ask about our PhD and online options as well. 

Preparation Courses Before Travel

Whether you want to level-up your English, prepare and register for a standardized test or need to polish your computing skills, we have a course for you. We work with local partners that provide the perfect training to prepare you for your new adventure. In some cases, some of our universities will give you credit for your short-term course. 

Career Simulation Courses

Our simulation courses allow participants to gain true-to-life experiences whereby they take an active role in upskilling through a virtual experience in a simulated environment facilitated by a mentor. These online, UK-accredited interactive courses give our participants an edge in their careers, CVs and practical understanding of their sectors and job function. 





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