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How We Can Help

We got you covered when it comes to studying abroad! 

Study Abroad Simplified

Studying abroad can be quite a daunting task, especially when it comes to choosing the right degree, career path and institution. That's where we shine! Early during the process, we walk you through all the relevant details and application requirements so you know beforehand what it takes. The best part about it is that we handle all the processing so you don't have to, and its free!

Academic and Career Counselling

In order to give our students the right support, we hold conversations that help us identify students' strengths, understand their passions and know their career aspirations. This background information supports us in sharing practical aspects of their academic journey and career-readiness considerations. We ensure that students are comfortable with their decisions and know what they are getting into! 


Application Assistance

In almost almost all cases, we gather all your necessary information and apply on your behalf. We use our expertise and efficient network to expedite the application process. We are conversant with UCAS applications, applying with provisional results, foundation placements and securing degree offers. If you are lucky, your institution may not charge you any application fees! 

Test Preparation Support

Whether you are planning on standardised tests such as SATs or language proficiency exams such as IELTS and TOEFL, we have useful resources to support you along the way. We work hard to ensure that every student receives the right support to ace each test. We guide you from preparation to test registration and onward application to your institution. 

Taking an Exam

Travel & Visa Application Assistance

Our staff members guide our students in the preparation of appropriate supporting documentation, including useful tips, in order to secure a visa. We are proud of our reputation in preparing students to successfully secure visas to leading destinations such as the USA and UK. We also help our students with air travel and accommodation bookings. 

Scholarships & Document Processing

We work hard to support our students when it comes to financial assistance. Our merit-based scholarships and tuition discounts have supported many during their studies abroad. We also help with document translations, affidavits and certification of academic documents. 

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Pre-Departure Orientation

We understand the anxiety and excitement that comes with traveling to a new environment, very different from your own. We walk you through the essential steps and prepare you to deal with homesickness and cultural shock among other topics. 



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