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Why Study Abroad - 12 Reasons

Updated: May 4, 2021

For decades, students worldwide have traveled from their home countries in search of an education different or better than what their home states could offer and even more, to have a life changing academic experience. This has risen a question of, “why study abroad?” Below are the reasons why studying abroad is becoming more popular in the 21st century.

  1. Experience an education that combines theory with relevant practical experience.

  2. Benefit from avenues to work part-time and full time

  3. Obtaining a prestigious and quality degree.

  4. Realize a significant return on your education investment.

  5. Improve your language skills.

  6. Learn to think locally but act globally.

  7. Expand your worldview, see new places and experience diversity.

  8. Experiencing a different style of teaching.

  9. Studying abroad is also an important tool in impressing employers.

  10. Confidence/self-esteem is boosted when a student gets the opportunity to study abroad.

  11. Studying abroad allows you to see the world and travel to new places you would otherwise not have visited.

  12. Lastly, studying in a new country/state helps students discover career opportunities abroad

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