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Middlesex Placement Degrees and Scholarships

Middlesex University London is now offering placement degrees for graduate students and partial scholarships for eligible students. 

How it works: Each student decides on whether they want a 3 month or 12 month work placement (after their 1 year master). If the student opts for a placement, they receive a VISA for either 16 months or 25 months depending on if they have chosen the 3 or 12 month placement option. Upon the completiton of the 1 year graduate degree and with the support of Middlesex, the student receives a relevant work placement for the remainder of their VISA.

The work is paid employment (full-time) and the amount paid is dependent on the company and role found. Tuition fees need to be paid as per normal in year 1 of the programme and a nominal fee is charged for the placememt option. Middlesex also offers scholarships of up to £5000 on the Business courses and £3000 on the Science courses subject to eligibility. 

The courses listed below qualify for the placement option. This is certainly a great way to get full-time work expereince in London after your graduate degree and without need for a visa renewal or work authorization. Contact Pathway Study Abroad for enrolment details.  


MSc Global supply chain management 

MA International business management 

MSc Management   


MA HRM & Development 

MA International HRM

MSc Digital marketing 

MSc Corporate marketing communications 

MSc Strategic branding stakeholder management 

MSc Strategic marketing 


MSc Network security & penetration testing 

MSc Business information systems management 

MSc Computer science 

MSc Data science 

MSc Engineering management 


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