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Company Information

Your international study experience starts with PSA, a prominent African based study abroad and international recruitment consultancy with a large selection of education institutions globally.

Our timely intervention is to bridge the gap between students seeking an overseas education and the foreign universities that are at the forefront of emerging technology and cutting edge research.

Our main appeal is towards prospective university students, recent graduates, or employed individuals that are seeking academic advancement or career development through further studies abroad. Our select study abroad destinations are welcoming environments that embrace diversity and multiculturalism making your study destination a comfortable and pleasant learning environment.

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Why Us?

PSA provides a unique, efficient, and hassle free experience while making your dream come true. Our philosophy is to provide a service that is client centric ensuring that our clients’ needs are our highest priority.

Our office is managed by a vibrant, caring and professional team that is exposed and conversant with international student admissions in different parts of the world. Our team will work with you to match your study abroad needs with the utmost care and attention to detail.

Our expertise and knowledge of the international higher education sector including industry recognized and accredited training puts us ahead of others in very many ways. Our proven ability in securing academic funding is one of our greatest strengths. As we continue to grow and expand, we envision a large pool of partner institutions in the near and foreseeable future. Try us for a hassle free, friendly, and personal touch!

Why Study Abroad?

Traveling and studying abroad has the potential to expand horizons, establish important professional and social networks, build strategic alliances, create new career choices and options, and to become better positioned (gain a competitive advantage) upon your return home.

Additionally, students rightly recognize the benefits of studying at reputable universities—such graduates posses a quality and reputable degree, gain international exposure, experience education that combines theory with relevant practical experience, interact with an international student diaspora, and benefit from avenues to work part time and full time.

Study abroad has always been not just an indicator of prestige and quality, but also a good investment in future. It is the starting point on the path of building a successful career, and a unique opportunity to broaden horizons, gain invaluable knowledge and skills, and to become a citizen of the World.


Our Mission is to promote global education by connecting qualified persons to reputable institutions of higher learning abroad.


Our Vision is to become a renown global leader in providing study abroad opportunities to African students.

Core Values

  • Integrity
  • Respect
  • Global Citizenship

Meet Our Team


Managing Director

Throughout Simon's undergraduate and graduate studies at Park University (USA) and University College London (UK), it became apparent that there was an ever-growing need for quality, study abroad consulting, to serve Africa-based students. Drawing from his experience as an international student and study abroad consultant, Pathway Study Abroad (PSA) was founded.

As the Managing Director of PSA, Simon pledges to maintain a brand that is trusted for its quality of advice, professionalism, and transparency in every aspect of counseling and service. Simon holds a BSc in Computer Science and a Master of Public Affairs from Park University and an MA in Education and International Development from University College London.

His leadership, vision, and enthusiasm for global education is a great asset to the team and a driving force towards PSA's partnerships, growth, and success.


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